Tim Cabbage

Tymoteusz Kapuściński Worked in IT since the age of sixteen, integrated and designed complex systems and APIs ranging from encryption through decentralized synchronization to search engines. Cofounded 4 startups. Occupied many roles including, CEO, CTO, Architect, Product Owner, Instructor, Designer, Developer and Administrator. The skill I value most is absorbtion and synthesis of knowledge quickly and without assistance. As an example - never having worked in React or Redux before, in the first three weeks at Sabre (Airline software industry) I have mastered React/Redux with a custom webpack setup to a point where I was able to train and teach other teams as well as assist and advise team managers and product architects.
Product/Team Lead, Architect


(Dec 2019-2022 and ongoing)

Rescued a broken application from a previous contractor. Moved it from C# and Angular to Node.JS and React, Re-engineered it from the ground-up with a multi-server architecture and horizontal scalability with Apache Kafka in mind.
Took care of the entirety of client interaction and business requirements, translated those into milestones and tasks for execution. Later built up my team to a total of four people (including me) with two more planned.

Used technologies:
Node.JS, React.JS, GitHub, MySQL, Apache Kafka and more.

Team Lead, Architect



In the architecture team, our task was to do pre-production on various projects, analyzing systems, setting up frameworks, API systems, interactions, and coming up with solutions to problems.
A single person from my team would be assigned to a particular project where for the next 3-4 months we would make sure they're able to finish the project. We would perform training sessions (usually teach people with exclusively Java experience to become adept at writing frontend applications and integrate into the ecosystem as well as how to design backend properly).

Used technologies:
Node.JS, React.JS, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian BitBucket (GIT), Webpack, Jenkins and more.



IT company I created with my brother.

During the lifetime of the company we completed many projects including:
STMIS Polska in Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie Mościcach is using our software in their day to day work, hosted on our servers on a xen cloud.
Provided and installed hardware in a hospital serverhouse.
Gensys provides a private mail server, backup services and many others.
Since my brother moved on to architecture work in other areas, and I had other opportunities, company is being gradually shut down.

Used technologies:
Too many to list
Cofounder, Developer, Designer



Product aggregation and search engine designed to contain up to 350M items and scale horizontally.

- Startup cofounder.
- Design, prototyping and final implementation of a distributed image caching system
- Setup, management and document structure design of multiple distributed SOLR instances
- Translation of business requirements to technology choice and feature implementation.
- Frontend implementation: One-page JS+CSS+HTML5+AJAX responsive UI with endless scroll.
- Design and implementation of backend UI for sorting and page management
- Debug of all system elements including 4 different Java applications, 2 frontend (HTML+JS) and one PHP application.
- Design of SQL databases. Optimization of MySQL on Linux performance under heavy load.

Used technologies:
SVN (Subversion), PHP, MySQL, Java, Gentoo, Debian and more.
One-person project

Redux Action Handlers (NPM package)


The tiny library was created to solve the redux reducer bloat and to fuse multiple spread files with the same concern. It was presented in a few projects and had some success in adoption.

NPM link: www.npmjs.com

GitHub link: github.com

Used technologies:
Javascript, Github, Redux
One-person project

Internal MTA management system


PHP based system for creation of mail users, virtual mailboxes in multiple domains, configuration of self-learning spam filter and auxiliary features.

- Design, implementation of LAMP stack based backend.
- Configuration and setup of Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL, ClamAV, SpamAssassin and RoundCube for proper mail validation and spam filtering
- Bash scripts to monitor and notify the administrator about possible issues.

Used technologies:
Javascript, Github, Redux